Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Newsfront (Tasks #8 & #9)

Well, I ventured into the world of RSS today. Very useful tool. Anything that helps a person SAVE TIME on the internet has to be a good thing. There is information overload out there, so this is is a way of honing down the information you wade through down to what you are actually interested in without having to visit each blog/ home page/ news page etc.
Anyhow have a look at my subscriptions.
Found a terrfic site about urban legends. The site sets out all the urban myths that are circulating and have circulated (on the 'net, verbally etc) and lets you know whether they are true or false. It's kind of like mythbusters on the internet.
See ya

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yplearning said...

Snopes is a great site, its even catalogued!