Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Farenheit 451 (Task #22)

Well, I visited the world ebook fair. It was a bit depressing. I was pleasantly surprised to find The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I downloaded it. The person reading had an American accent. Nothing wrong with that, but in order to listen to that book I must be honest, I prefer it read by an English accent. Ditto for the Shakespeare although that doesn't bother me that much as americans do love their Shakespeare. But still, call me a purist. There's no accounting for taste!
I'd feel the same about Judy Dench reading Charles Bukowski or Jack Kerouac. I guess when you read to yourself you imagine a voice in your head and when you go to listen to a book the actual voice used should be congruent with what you imagine. Don't you agree?

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yplearning said...

I do agree! Listening to No fixed address about an Aussie woman in her 60s backpacking alone, the narrator sounds far too proper than the 'carpe diem' woman I imagine.