Friday, 1 December 2006

Scary Movie (Task #15)

Well, I feel a bit sad that physical collections and library spaces are on the way out... what no more teenagers hanging out and meeting eachother after school at the library? Will they(are they) really all sit in their rooms alone on front of a computer screen spending countless hours sharing information about themsleves with anyone and everyone in cyberspace including their friends?
Maybe it will be a little while yet...after all, there are still plenty of people out there that do not have access to as much technology as we would all like to believe. They haven't solved the problem of world hunger and poverty for chrissakes! Surely people will for many years to come, need/want to have access to a 'learning' environment like a library. Maybe some abused kids might still need a refuge... a place they can sit and study quietly, socialise and hang out with their friends. Who knows?
Yes Web 2.0 is fantastic. Our services will no doubt change as they always have done. But I doubt that public libraries will become defunct for quite sometime.

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